Sunday, June 26, 2016

Football field


Look at that! I didn't forget to take a camera for today's hiking! And I'm pretty pleased with it. Felt good to be in out there. Marina fell asleep and missed everything...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Note to myself

Next time we go for a walk into the woods - take the real camera! Phone is useful and all, but there might be some beautiful things deserving a nice glass...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Sometimes she looks so grown up!


Marina went to the sandbox for a first time. And a few days before that it was fountain playground for a first time. She does a lot of things for a first time lately.
And when it happens I feel this sudden stab of melancholy. Because she's growing up too fast!

She liked it though. Discovered the new texture, ate some too.:)

By Andriy

This is and awesome picture. I wish it was mine:)

Monday, June 20, 2016


Dragons for Marina

So, remember Ametrine Dragon? That was the love from the first sight. As soon as I got it - I knew I would ask Harmaslings team for making me a custom wrap.

I wanted something created just for Marina. Something that nobody else would have. 

Buying the loom and learning how to weave is always an idea, however before we are ready to set up a loom-room (look, it rhymes!) it's better to commission one (or two) from professionals:) 

Harmaslings people are extremely easy to talk with, very accommodating and patient. I was expained and shown pretty much every step of the process, from yarn sourcing to the digital mockup of our wraps. Yes there are 2...

The whole process took only a few months, which is impossible. I was prepared for much longer wait!
And postal gods must love me! Delivery again was miraculously fast, and they are here. Our custom Dragons for Marina!!!

First one is beautiful purple grad, 100% merc cotton.  It feels soft and heavy in hand. It's blankety and cushy on the shoulders, it offers great support and comfort with my toddler. Holds half knot just fine (double of course better, but it's on the biggish side).
I think this one could be overwhelming for an infant, but with the bigger baby - it's kind of perfect! There isn't much bounce, but there isn't any sagginess either. I wore Marina for hours at the time (dog walks, you know), and it is very comfortable. No pressure points and no digging, .
Texture and grip are present but not to the point of struggling while wrapping.
It will be great as a base size or mid length for wrapping a toddler. And it will let you get away with a sloppy wrap job:)

The second one is 50% merc cotton, 50% linen. Because I love linen, and because it's so good for the summer!
I think when this one gets fully broken in - it will be great. ( After one wash and a few wears it got significantly softer, so I can imagine that a week or two of dedicated wrapping will do the trick). It's thinner than it's purple brother, supposed to be about 290 gsm, feels heavy and dry in hand but not thick. Texture is more pronounced in this case (linen thing), but again - not to the point of being overwhelming.  
It's very supportive and moldable, but requires more careful wrapping and tightening. Once all the passes are in place - it will not budge!

I think It will do great in any size, but my personal choice will be base or a shorty. And also It will make a mean ring sling!
Now... Why did I get two? 
Because I want to give Marina not only a custom wrap, but also a story. And to create  that story, one of the Dragons will go traveling for a year (maybe more). I'm planning letting it cross the States and then Canada. I want it to wrap babies and kids we will never meet in real life, and I want it to come back to us bringing warmth and love of other mothers:) So... yeah. That's the idea:)
The voting on TheBabyWearer forum will decide which one is going to travel, and  I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guessing game - the end.

Guessing game is over! I'll tell everything tomorrow, but for now you can see that what once was this:
morphed into this:
and finally I got these!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

For my aunt Natalia

She said she would like very much to hold Marina's hand and walk with her. Like that.