Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Harmaslings and my new pet Dragon!

I'm not a reviewer by nature. I like things, I use them, I might mention something cool I got, but I never write reviews.
This is a special case.
Since I got interested in babywearing (the matter itself deserves a separate post because it became a huge part of my daily routine and solved many dilemmas about "how to do this and that while simultaneously looking after a baby", but I will cover that one later...) I acquired quite a bit of woven wraps (sold and traded some too), and at some point getting a nice handwoven became a logical step. You know, to try all the things before baby grows up!

I started looking for one.  It took me a while to figure out what I like and don't like in terms of looks, wrapping qualities, blends etc. And look - is the first thing that attracts me or makes me go "Meh..". 

When I stumbled upon the pictures of Ametrine Dragon by Harmaslings I thought :"Oh, I could really love this one!"  (you must love the wrap you use, it's a quite a commitment) and  kept coming back to this picture for days. After some more musing on the matter I took a plunge and ordered one.

The team behind Harmaslings is a pleasure to deal with. All my questions were answered right away, and in 6 days (which is impossibly fast shipping from Russia to Canada) I was opening the package containing my shiny new toy - Ametrine Dragon in size 6.

First impression was :"Soft. How can it be so soft? And thin! And light!". I never laid my hands on anything like that before. 

Composed of mercerized cotton it was amazingly soft right out of the bag. It feels silky in hand but has fair amount of texture at the same time. At 270 gsm it doesn't feel that heavy.

Weave is beautiful and does look like a reptilian scales, hence the name. Color are absolutely stunning and wrap really shimmers and changes the tone depending on the light angle. Needles to say - it was love from the first sight!

Post wash it came to almost 5 meters long and 72 cm wide. Ends are tapered and one has a serial number embroidered on, middle markers are sewn on.

I wrapped with it for a few days exclusively, trying all my main carries, and happy to report that it passed all the tests!

As I mentioned, it has quite a bit (but not overwhelming) amount of texture. It also has stretch, and bounce, and recoil. Pretty much everything I like in a wrap! It does feel soft and cushy on the shoulders. It molds around the baby and unhemmed rails are easy to bunch up and tighten without excessive bulkiness.

Does it "wrap itself"? No, not really. Not for me anyway. You will have to put those passes where they supposed to be, which isn't hard, but once you do - they will stay there for hours despite all wiggling and bouncing of your wrappee. I loved it in double hammock, in front cross carry and front wrap cross carry. It did produce a very comfy rucksack tied Tibetan and it looks absolutely stunning in date night / goddess finish!

I did try single layer rebozo with it, but the length is absolutely wrong for that one, I cannot say for sure how will it behave in one shoulder single layer carry. It was comfortable all 10 minutes I had it tied like that!:). Knot size is pretty small though, and Reinforced rebozo was much better and resulted in a nap:)

For the reference my baby is about 20 pounds right now and 12 months old).
Now to the pictures and judge for yourself! I'm still considering it beautiful!

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