Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A tale of two chairs (part 1)

It was once a set of 4 chairs posted for sale on Kijiji.
    Me, wanting something more visually appealing and comfortable than IKEA plastic green stools, liked them. Having no space to put them all I bought one.
    That was about 8 years ago.
Blue velvet chair started my obsession with French Provincial style. I learned things about Queen Anne legs and mahogany wood. I learned how to paint furniture and upholster chairs. I've changed color of pretty much every piece in the apartment,  I've sold some of chairs and tables I refinished.
    Blue velvet chair remained the same. Except for the gray legs. Until few weeks ago when I decided it was time for a change. Because that is how I do things.

I need it to be grey and white like the rest of our living room. And I wanted fabric to be partially painted. Sort of dipped effect, but with a hand painted feeling and brushstrokes. Painting blue velvet in white was not an option, so I had no choice but reupholster. Preferably without having to buy more supplies. 
    Enter the white canvas (I bought a couch cover at IKEA "as is" section few years ago for 5$, and made quite a few things out of it. Remaining 3 parts were big enough to cover my chair.) and This method.
    Thanks again, Kristy,  for teaching us how to do it!
The only things different is that I painted fabric instead of the chair itself.  And I only used acrylic  paint to mix with textile medium... Because that is what I had.

Painted canvas also makes a very nice background for pug head shots.... Note to myself - maybe I need to make a big one?

    Then it was time to destroy blue chair. I found out that prior to blue it has been orange. Somebody already worked on it... I pulled out twice of normal amount of staples.  I learned how to do tufting and how to work with very intimidating ply grip.
    Well, this is one of my favorite projects now. The chair is absolutely unique, goes perfectly with my color scheme, and fabric in this case does not have that outdoorsy feeling because I washed it after painting. It feels like cotton canvas!

P.S. The rug was painted about a year ago using absolutely the same technique!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

It's Saturday June 14th.
I didn't know such day exists. Until last week.

Nancy Oatts, volunteering for NYC Elder Abuse Center ( NYCEAC ), e-mailed me asking if they could use one of my pictures to create a graphic to be posted online for such occasion. I went to her blog and read the story about Miss D Which I would follow from now on and hope for a happy ending.

I thought of old lady living upstairs (she's talking to her cat an awful lot lately). I thought about my grandfather slipping into dementia after grandma passed.
How could I refuse?
I'm glad my image is working for a good cause. It's not just a picture anymore, it got a new meaning and a message to bear.

Nancy was very professional and pleasant to deal with, she courteously sent me all mockups and final version of the graphic, you can see it here NYCEAC 
I hope this is not the end of our creative collaboration  but a beginning.

Thank you guys! I admire your work and efforts and I'm proud to be a part of this!

is Saturday June 14th
is Saturday June 14th
is Saturday June 14th
is Saturday June 14th
is Saturday June 14th

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gotcha Day

A year ago while looking for a pug to adopt, I saw that picture on KIJIJI, replied to the ad and on the same day we brought home Alfred.  He still have a thing for dishwasher...

It's hard to remember what was the life like before him. I cannot imagine now waking up and not to be greeted by wiggly - snorting - nose licking funny dog. Snoring on my lap while I type this, he has no idea that he changed my life for better a year ago:)