Monday, August 19, 2013

Pugs N Roses

I think I will do a new series of selfies with the pug. That would be fun! This one is very summery in my opinion. And I'm able to fit in my wedding dress again. It's even slightly big now. I'm giving myself a nice pat on the back!

And Alfred The Pug by himself for dear uncle Victor:)

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Michael took this picture of me at yesterday's wedding. This one goes to the Labyrinth series.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dressing up

I decided to see how Alfred The Pug feels about clothing. I think I'll have to get him something warm for winter, so I needed to know that he doesn't mind being dressed. And truth to be told, I somewhat like the idea itself:) I know, cheesy, but cute anyway!
Dog clothes can be quite expensive, so before I buy something serious - I've got a tuxedo onesie meant for babies. Actually Tatiana found it at Winners:) I need to adjust it a bit, but not bad for starters.  Here he is, looking pretty cool to me!

Didn't struggle much wearing it around the house, so I guess I can buy (or make) him some other stuff! Will be good for pictures too:))))))))

Monday, August 12, 2013

4 days in paradise. Last part

The day of the wedding was extremely busy. We had everything: beautiful bride, tons of emotions, groom on the white horse, music and dancing. For the ceremony our couple was merrily floating on a specially build platform   in the pool, surrounded by guests. I finally figured out what all those umbrellas are for! And I wouldn't mind having one for myself as it was awfully hot!

After a very long ceremony it was time for formal family pictures when groom's shoes story happened. Apparently it's an Indian custom for bridesmaids to steal groom's shoes, hide them and demand a ransom. (We have something similar in Russia, but we usually steal the bride!)
Anyway, girls decided that the easiest way to acquire them would be trough me. So, I took the shoes from the groom, photographed them, and gave them to the girls, thinking that they would play their game right now, and it will be over.
To my horror, girls grabbed the shoes and run out of sight.  When the groom asked me if he could have his shoes back, I could only mutter something like "sorry, the wedding custom took place just now"... He laughed, and went barefoot for the rest of the formals.
Girls got about 600$ for his shoes 2 hours later. And no, I didn't get a cut:)

We photographed newlyweds on the sunset. At some point Michael climbed on this cliff in search of a perfect shooting spot, and bride was begging me to photograph him doing that crazy thing, so I did.

The reception exceeded  all the expectations, decorations were simply stunning, and the rest of the night went in a heartbeat.

Outside where the beams of light hit the water we saw about 20 barracudas hunting. Of course you cannot see them on the picture, but they were there! We sat watching them for few minutes, and when it was time to get up and go back to work, I swear, I tough I won't be able to do so. Every single part of my body hurt:) After all we were beating 17th hour of work without a break that day:)

 But everything comes to an end, so did this day. The cake was cut, the guests started to leave, and it was time for us to go.

Next morning before leaving I finally took picture of my room. Anton decided to help, and flew into my frame!

Here we are on the same boat ride to st-Maarten.

And that's what you get taking a selfie with 14-24mm lens:))))

That trip looks absolutely surreal now. I think it was once in a lifetime opportunity. We tested our strengths, had emotions ranging from a total despair to an immense happiness and had the craziest laughs without any reason at all just because the day was over. I know, I won't be able to go through that without this great team, and I very grateful and happy about whole experience.
Despite the exhausting hours, sunburns and bruises (my legs were bruised all the way up to my thighs) I wouldn't  think twice about doing it again!
It also made me realize that life is too short. So next weekend after my return I went ahead and adopted Alfred The Pug!:))

Sunday, August 11, 2013

4 days in paradise. Part 3

Day 3 of the event was very uneven. It started to be very busy but somewhat chaotic. The scheduled events were moved about without warning and for some time we ran like bloodhounds around the hotel trying to put it all together. That was a little bit like treasure hunt. We are running towards the next location, turning around the corner and suddenly see something that looks perfect. Like a bucketful of umbrellas, or a high chair in some weird spot, or colorful Indian decoration just piled on the lawn!

We were lucky and got a few hours break in the middle of the day. Of course we went swimming! I even have a very shaky go-pro video (but I would not post it)! But here is the proof:) Swimsuit that I sort of made for this occasion totally held water test!

And then it was time to go back to work.

We had to shoot a henna ceremony (painting patterns with henna on hands and feet for women). Including the drying time it took more that 5 hours. So we had a few moments to take pictures of ourselves and some more views.

After few more ceremonies we were going back to the staff room all tired and sweaty, when guys spotted a baby foot table. They dropped the equipment and like pumped up teenagers ran to it. Five munites of fun was totally worth  missed food:)

Darkness fell one more time, and we shot party on the beach, bonfire, games and dancing as usual. And for me - here are Anton and Chris in a ready-to-go mood, Anton doing Doctor Evil face, and Michael on the moon!

  Last part to come.

Friday, August 9, 2013

4 days in paradise. Part 2

Every day I would set up an alarm. Turned out that was absolutely unnecessary. Lovely rooster strolling in front of my balcony, surrounded by chickens and little chicks sang every morning at 6 am, waking up whole our hotel. He obviously didn't care that we went to bed only four hours ago, and another hour of sleep would be very nice:) Yep, our hotel was that cozy! This is what I saw every morning opening the curtans.

 Another side of the building was even more exciting.

So, every morning we would go past rooster and his harem, towards the beach. Wishing just to plop in one of this hammocks and never move again:)

Or jump in the pool:) We did swim there a few times. After midnight. It was the only time we had for swimming for a few days, and guys were complaining that jellyfish are biting them in the ocean. Didn't bite me though...
Anyway, here is Michael all ready to work:)

Then the road led us to the beach, past beach bar. 

Second day was tough. We were shooting nonstop and even spent our break working. The weather is still awesome and the beach is still very appealing:)

I did took a picture of a snail running somewhere. Because Alexander would appreciate it, I think:)))))))

And then it was dark again. Party was about to start. And we had to stay till midnight...

Part 3 to come.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 days in paradise. Part1

I told almost everyone already how we started this shooting season with 4 days long huge Indian destination wedding. We got to spend (work) 4 days in Anguilla (tiny island on Caribbeans). Now I just have to show what this place is about. I would not post any wedding related pictures but landscapes and us:) Even though I suck at landscapes. Just consider it travel snapshots!
I was going there a little delirious, thinking that we are going on vacation to a beautiful place. The place was beautiful alright! But considering it a vacation - was a big mistake. We went to work right away, and that was pretty much all we did! OK, enough words:)
To get there from St-Maarten you have to take a boat, and let me tell you, nothing is better than speedy and bumpy ride for half hour to put you in a good mood!
This is myself, Anton and Chris enjoying the ride.
And St-Maarten left behind.

The views from the hotel where wedding took place are awesome.

The hotel itself has many pretty spots, several pools and palm trees everywhere. At first I was lost, but by the forth day knew the property pretty well:)

We made believe that we are checking the light here, but in fact I just wanted a picture:)

Every day we had to go through this beach to get from our place to theirs. All I was thinking while dragging my feet on the sand, carrying camera, back pack, reflector and whatnot - that all I want right now is to go swimming:) 

Lizards are everywhere. Varying from 15 cm to a foot long. We also saw a huge iguana, but were to busy to chase it with the camera. So, here is a little one:) Along with the fruit that I cannot identify!

Sunset is starting there about 7 pm. Views become more and more dramatic.

 And we at this point are shooting some party by the pool:) I envied people just walking on the beach!

 Sunset is quite short. You have nice lighting for an hour at most, and then it goes dark pretty fast. And when I say dark - I mean pitch black. At midnight we finished and left this party on fire behind.

Stay tuned for part 2:))))))