Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly pug courtesy of my husband

Yesterday we took Alfred to St-Ambroise terrace, hoping to have a nice walk by Lachine canal and a pint of sider afterwards.
The walk was a total disaster. My sweet puppy transformed into an evil monkey, and not only was pulling the leash like crazy, but also had to chase (at least try to) all bicycles,  roller skaters, joggers and other dogs walking by. There were a lot of barking, growling and jumping. We looked like idiots trying to control this tiny monster and failing miserably.
Once on the terrace though he sat on my lap perfectly calm and quiet, allowed us to have our cider, and every single person passing by was smiling and making cute faces looking at him. Go figure!

We have to go enroll him into obedience school very soon, or I'll have to carry him around in my arms for not to be embarrassed:)))))

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New addition

Well, we adopted a pug. His name is Alfred, he's 7 month old. He was bought from a breeder and then given up at the age of 6 month. People do this sometimes. Buy a cute puppy, realize this is too much work, confined it to the cage, and get rid of it when having a dog isn't convenient anymore!
So Alfie had a rough start:)
I saw him on Kijiji on Saturday, called the woman, and we went to meet him on the same day. I picked him up, he licked my face allover, and that was it. I wasn't going to leave without him!
He is adjusting to the new surroundings and we are adjusting to the new addition to our family. It will be long and somewhat difficult process, but we'll get there.
Enough words - meet Alfred!
I'm making a new section here "Weekly pug"!