Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The deed is done.

We did it. We took Zombie The Fish to Ottawa. Poor Zombie was stuck in a 5 gallon bucket along with 6 remaining danios. I could only imagine how uncomfortable and scared they were! But the ride was relatively short, and we made it safely.
Wooster was first to greet us! Such a sweet boy:)))
 Zombie The Fish was totally fine despite all my worries, and already settled in his new home!!! It took about 3 hours to get his aquarium running though:)
I was a little sad today as  I was feeding my goldfish, then it was Zombie's turn - and his tank wasn't there! I'll get used to it soon, but still....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Traveling fish

Zombie The Fish is moving to Ottawa today. Our friends agreed to take his aquarium, because I love it too much, and refuse to sell it:))))) This is going to be a big challenge though. I have to pack plants, put an unfortunate fish in the bucket, and try to catch some left over shrimp.... And then fit all of it in our car!
I guess this will give me an understanding of what it means to move with an aquarium. We still keeping the other three, and at some point we will have to find another housing:))))

Friday, April 19, 2013

Butterfly in a jar

I'm in a postcard making mood today:) This one to me is pretty and sad at the same time.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Like a virgin

When I saw this picture in bride's bedroom, I knew this is a perfect place for garter shot:)
I find it quite humorous:)

Friday, April 12, 2013


I always wonder, who were the people owning these tea cups before me! What kind of women they were, and what kind of tea - parties they had:) I'm making up stories in my mind, and also secretly hoping that they would survive for ages, and make part of my heritage:)
My collection is slowly growing, and recently I received 3 new ones for my BD! Huge thanks to Tatiana! I was immensely happy!
And I already picked my new favorite!
I also think that they will make a very nice postcards:)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Big move

Some time ago I started thinking about closing down 2 of my fish tanks. Tropical community aquarium and  my nano reef didn't make the cut.
I'm proud of all my aquariums, but my tiny reef was my prized possession. Every single person visiting us, commented on how beautiful it is. And it was beautiful, see:)))
Despite its small size (it was only 14 gallons Biocube), it held hefty amount of live rock with great coraline grown and corals. In fact, corals grew so good, that I had to relocate some in Andrey's tank, and at some point we started to sell frags:)
It took 3 years  and  a lot of DIY modifications and upgrades to get it where it was at the end. It was a great challenge (keeping small reef stable is more difficult than big one, but we did it:))))), I enjoyed it very much, and I should say we learned a lot in the process.
So, I was very hesitant about closing it down, and terrified of the selling process. I knew I would never be able to sell it as whole. And breaking it up would be too much of a hassle.
At the same time, every day I looked at Andrey's tank and thought: "it looks empty and quite ugly. He should get more rocks and life in it"..... See?
Then I had an epiphany! We should consolidate our two tanks! This way I don't have to lose any of my hard work, we will have a nice big reef, and most of the equipment will be used!
I presented this idea to my husband, and he liked the plan. The only problem was that in each tank we had a couple of clowns.
Since clown fish are very territorial, we could expect fighting over the space between them. And knowing how aggressive Andrey's clowns are, I could tell for sure, that mine don't stand a chance. Even though I loved my Picasso clowns, we decided to keep Andrey's pair, because they where our first marine fish. So, I should relocate mine.

They found a new home in an hour after I posted them for sale. We have met the guy who bought them before, so I know what kind of set-up he has, and since he has experience already, he would take a good care of them.
And yesterday we moved my corals and 3 of my shrimps to the big aquarium.
Now we have a real reef, spacious and filled with corals! Everything is doing fine, shrimps look happy, thank is awesome, and it was a great bonding exercise:)  Only Tiny Pony is in a doghouse again, because every time Finn is not pleased - it's always his fault! But they will settle down:)))))))
I love how it turned out, Andrey likes it too, and if one day I'll decide to take a plunge again - we still have all the key pieces:)))))))
Now I just need to refinish  coffee table, that my tank was sitting on, because paint is ruined!

Monday, April 1, 2013