Sunday, January 27, 2013


We stopped by a fish store yesterday to buy some hermits for our reef tanks, and in the goldfish section was a tank full of bubble eyes. They look absolutely surreal!

 And no, I didn't buy any :) But I do find them adorable!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tough love

The day before yesterday my big black goldfish decided to spawn. I knew, goldfish courtship can be rough, I just didn't think it will be that rough!
The little fish spawned a few times before, and it was mostly cute and funny - a bit of chasing around, a bit of butt biting, and happy fish munching on eggs.
With big fish that was  totally different business. Male was chasing female and violently slamming her into the walls and vegetation for 24 hours. They were splashing water all over the place, I even had to cover up all electric outlets behind the tank.  They did took a few breaks to eat the eggs, or when I gave them their food.
The aftermath is following:
Black tele named Google-Boogle, played his fatherly role very enthusiastically, but went too macho on his mate. And since he is quite clumsy, he hurt her and himself  in a heated situation. He managed to scrape one of his gill plate, and gave himself a bloody eye.

My black oranda Big Boy (my husband named her before we knew it was a girl, and she is his favorite) now has a partially broken tail.  It's not inflamed, nor  bleeding. I expect her to loose part of her tail, and maybe regrow it with time. She does not appeared to be stressed, and eating well.
Still, I feel like crying looking at her, and not be able to help!

What about the eggs? Well, new parents and their two tank-mates ate most of them. I can see about a dozen left on the floating plants, and they are still transparent. Which probably means, that Google-Boogle did his manly business. We will see what happens in a few days:)
BTW, here are another two girls from the same tank:
And Cherokee (along with Google-Boogle, trying to steal a spotlight)
And a tank itself looks like that (I really have to put some background  there to hide the tubing and cords).
So, I'm keeping the water  as clean as possible, and adding a bit of salt to prevent infection. I guess we just need to wait and see how they are doing...
While I was taking pictures of big fish, little ones seemed to be interested in the process, so I photographed them too.
This is China. She is an albino telescope, very interactive girl. She lets me pet her and always nibbles at my hand when I clean the tank. Also she is a prolific egg layer .

Little Mashka here actually is a boy. He is one my first fishes, and survived fishbowl, finrot, ammonia burns, and siphon accident  when my husband tried to clean my tank while I was absent.

Chicken is also a girl. Her name suits her perfectly, as a real chicken she never stops eating, and even at night I see her picking at plants and algae.
And finally Pom-Pom. Fat and greedy boy. He waddles towards the glass every time someone passes by aquarium and doing hungry dance.

And a full tank shot.
They ate all my moss, and even managed to damage the anubias:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love the light

We found that pretty sight not to far from Montreal. Dramatic light transformed relatively boring, flat countryside into beautiful landscape. It reminds of an old painting.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Found a pretty cool picture of my goldfish bowl from 3 years ago. Despite the fact that it's not suitable for actually keeping the fish, it looked very nice as a decorative element:)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Our new word on Diptychs is "Marriage". I played with that idea for a few hours, and produced two images. Opted for the first one, because Andrey said the second is too obvious. He also called them both creepy, and I take it as a compliment!

Can't wait to see what the match will be!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Julia S.

We watched Julia transform from a cute teenager to the stunning young lady.  Her family moved to Boston some years ago, and it's a very nice surprise every time they come to visit us. Last time it happened for a very good reason.
Julia is making her own clothes since she was 14 years old. Hobby had grown to the real passion, and now she is preparing portfolio for a designer school.  We had only one day to shoot her creations, and she has so many!.
Her pieces range from cozy comfortable wear to the avant-garde abstractish articles. It was amazing to see every new thing emerge from her suitcase, and think what we could with it!
Here is the little part of the process:

After we froze enough outside, we went to our friends,  who graciously provided their apartment  and moral support for our chaotic activities!

My only regret is that we had only one day to shoot, before girls headed back to Boston!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Anton

This is Anton, from
Young, passionate and very talented guy. He is extremely easy to get along with. He reminds me a bit of my little brother, and I'm happy every time we work a wedding together:)
Last fall at Michael Greenberg's workshop in Toronto, Anton and his girlfriend, Natasha, modeled for us. Very natural in front of the camera, photogenic - they make a perfect subject for casual photo shoot simulation.

If you want to see more of them, there is Michael's link

Monday, January 7, 2013

Silver shoes

When I was little, I desperately wanted silver shoes:) I'm still attracted to them. In fact, just last fall I was trying on some, to my husband's horror! They were sparkly ones, the kind that lives glitter all over your hands, when you touch them:)
However,  the closest I came to owning silver shoes - were my silver snickers. I loved them until they were all tattered:)))))
Silver is quite popular choice for bridal footwear, so I have a photographic collection:) This pair belongs to the bride from one of our last weddings!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year

For years we used to go away for New Year's eve. Either to Boston, or lately to Ottawa, for celebration with friends. This year was  slightly different. We broke our routine!
On Dec. 30th we shot 13 hours wedding in Montreal, which was fun, but tiresome. Straight from the event, we drove to Toronto, got a few hours of sleep, and went to shoot another wedding!
Tally (Phototerra studio manager and our great friend - she deserves a personal post really, and I promise to do this) made me a very nice present, and brought my husband to the wedding as her date! So, at the end, we met New Year at the same place, just in different capacities:)))
I've got to see Andrey dance salsa for a very first time in my life, and just had to photograph it! They look great, and I only hope that Andrey didn't step on Tally's feet too often:)))))))))

In Russia, we use to say : "Как Новый Год встретишь, так его и проведёшь", which basically means that your New Year will be the same, as your celebration was. So, where does it brings us?:)))))))))))