Friday, December 28, 2012

Now happy things:)

When we finally got to Ottawa everything become better. Seeing friends, cooking good food, having fun  - helps with stress:)
Especially seeing friends!
They have two adorable and very well behaved dogs. This is Wooster. Normally he isn't allowed on the couch, but that was special occasion:) 

Two other dogs are visiting. Their owner went away for a few days, and left them in a good hands:) We had a lot of fun playing with this zoo!

After two days of cooking, eating and laughing it was time for us to go home. Of course snow storm started this day. It took us more than 4 hours to get back home, and another half an hour to dig out the spot on curb to park the car!  We had 50 cm of snow in one day. Apparently, it's a record braking since 1970! Winter is here...

So much for Christmas spirit!

Christmas day started normally for us. We fed the fish, got our things together, and were ready to go to Ottawa for a little celebration with our friends.
Getting off the door, we found "delivery failure" notice from Canada post. I don't know why, but Canada post people prefer to live that notice, rather than ring a doorbell, and actually do delivery. It does happen on a regular basis:) So, we decided to retrieve the  package first. Post office located in a small plaza very close, so it wasn't going to be a big deal.
We got to the plaza, Andrey went inside, and I stayed in the car, thinking it will take only a few minutes. It did. But these two minutes turned to be very intense.
Glancing over my shoulder, waiting for my husband to come back, I saw a Christmas mugging, involving two black guys and a very big gun. Nobody was shot fortunately, and everything took only about 30 seconds (hit the guy with the gun - grab his bag - run away), but it brought back an awful feeling of utter fear. I froze again just from seeing the gun, I felt terribly exposed and helpless, as I always do in the situations like that.
One of those moments, years ago, made me realize, that I will never be able to be a war photographer:)))
And now I know that I will never stay in the car waiting, I will never do shopping on Christmas day, I'll be very reluctant to go to that plaza again, and this city is going to hell along with its Christmas spirit!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This is my Christmas card for this year. Love you all, and wish you the best in a new year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


When you drive to Boston on a misty evening, you can see some pretty on the way.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas tree

We decided not to put up the Xmas tree this year. We are going away for Xmas, and I'm working on New Year, so what's the point, right?
But as soon as I wrapped the presents, I started to regret this decision. I like Xmas, I like decorations, I like little lights. And I definitely enjoy the look of the gifts nicely arranged under the tree.
So, I grabbed a decorative branch living in our apartment forever, and decorated it! This branch has proven itself very useful again - usually it holds part of TV antenna, and now it's playing the role of my Xmas tree!
Pardon, Xmas stick!  Voila!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toronto sky

The strangest sky I saw in Toronto

Painting upholstery

This is my take on painting upholstered furniture. If you want to do it yourself, you could follow these simple steps:

1. Obtain a piece of furniture to paint. Duh....
(In my case it was small entry bench. Pretty useless, bur very cute.Just what I wanted:) It was in perfect condition, and very clean. Color didn't work at all though. Beige - is not my thing!)
2. Spend hours on the internet, trying to find perfect fabric to reupholster your victim. Decide that you want some bold print on it. But not the chevron - it's overdone already. And not the Ikat - because no matter how trendy it is, it inevitably reminds you of old Uzbek ladies, selling dry apricots on the market! Settle on this one:
3. Chicken out. Because you don't want to remove all those staples, and honestly, for how long you are going to love these birds? You'll probably get tired of them in a year.

4. Go back to the internet for some other ideas. Stumble upon this blog: .
Read all the tutorials, and entire Chairs page Trust me, this is a great blog! (Thank you , Kristy, for your time and efforts!)
Decide that you have to try it, because it looks like fun, and because experiments are great.

5. Gather your supplies: Textile medium, tape, paint of your choice (I used leftover BEHR interior paint in turquoise), and a spray bottle.(Also needed to spray your husband for making snorky remarks about usefulness of your craft).

6. Tape off all the wooden parts of your piece, sprinkle fabric with water and give it a coat of paint (1 part of fabric medium, 1 part of paint, 1/2 part water). Do not ruin your good brush, use the old one, because you have to really work thin coat of paint into the fabric! Leave it to dry overnight.

7. Next day repeat step 6. If it's covered well, stop there and remove the tape. It not - repeat until you satisfied:)

8. OPTIONAL: Realize that you still have some mixed concoction left. Run trough the apartment looking for something to paint. Come across your green wedding shoes, grab and paint them. Because they are the only fabric ones you own, and frankly, who needs green shoes anyway!

9. When your piece of furniture is dry, tape off the fabric this time, paint and wax the wooden parts.  

10. Best part - proudly display and admire your efforts!

PS. Love the result. In fact, after it was finished - I just wanted to hug my little bench!

How the fabric feels? A bit rough, like and outdoor fabric. I probably would not paint a couch or a reading cuddly chair,  but for a display piece - it's a perfect technique.


Becky was one of the models we had in Toronto.

Beautiful girl, isn't she?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ulverton farm

At the end of November we went to Ulverton, to visit amazing Grant's family. The weather was awesome, and we had a very good time. You won't find any pics of me, since I'm the one with a camera:)

Chris (the cuddliest dog alive) was first to greet us, and present us with his favorite bunny toy. At least I think it was a bunny...

Gwyn speaks French with him:) Chris, donne la patte!

Then we visited horses. Princess and Belle, if I remember correctly, and a donkey. She is adorable girl named Fluffy. For a first time in my life I petted a donkey!

Next on the list were cows. Not very cuddly, but still spectacular!

Barn cats. Oh, so many cats!

Sheep are the funniest things. When the lunch time comes, they gather in one spot and calling for their owner, demanding food.

And other horses from the neighboring farm.

The white one has a strangest head I ever seen.

Awesome two days! Thanks to the very dear friends!

Alas, poor Yorick!

What I was thinking when I bought this ugly? I was thinking - a lot of storage. I was thinking something English and very blue:)
Didn’t happened like that. My husband took it from me, pronounced it his property and requested some special design.
Well, this is definitely not mahogany! It's made mostly of plywood, missing part of the trim, top is pretty damaged, and hardware is plain ugly.
I took all the trim off and patched up all scratches and dents (it looked like an inverted Dalmatian  at this point:)))
So, this is what my dear husband requested!  Union Jacks on the sides and British aircraft insignia on handles. After priming it took half of roll of tape and 3 days to paint it.
I would call it an adaptation of Union Jack, since blue is replaced by gray and scale is slightly changed to fit the surface.
We are pleased by the final result. This is very fun piece! And I have some accessories to go with it:)